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Business Solutions

We Provide Small & Medium Business IT Solutions

Computer Repair Geekz is a valued resource for Small Businesses, Professional firms and Practices. We bring a new level of Professionalism to Maryland, DC & Virginia’s IT industry, providing secure Computer networks that are reliable by design and responsive technical support. Whether you are setting up new systems or modifying existing one’s, we provide the expertise you need to get the “job done right, the first time”. From simple desktop and server support, to advanced network and security management. We have the right people for the job. We offer a wide range of services to our commercial clients.

Remote Monitoring

Has your company personnel ever complained about the following scenarios? "Our Exchange server is acting strange and seems to be slowing down the entire network and all workstations!" "The e-mail memo I sent regarding this week’s meeting never reached the entire marketing department!" "Our Windows 8.1 server has not had security updates since 2 months!" "Who is handling it?" "Why is EMail attachment not printing?! I thought we just bought this printer last month!"

These are some of the most common problems faced by companies who need support services on their servers! Computer Repair Geekz can do this for you remotely. We monitor and routinely check your server in a timely fashion to keep critical security updates installed. We also check server configurations to keep Intranet communications faultless. We delete unnecessary temp files, caches etc., and we keep server hard drives optimal and defragmented to deliver applications faster.

Here are some of the things that our Company can help your Organization with:

  • Regular Virus, Malware and Spyware Scans and Eradication
  • Ensure Core data backups regularly as well as Server tuning and optimization
  • Configure and maintain Server to Workstation settings
  • Maintain Email servers and individual Workstations
  • Proactive network and system monitoring with active response
  • Creation of uniform environments to streamline network management
  • Checking internal and Internet Zone security to your server


  • Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, and previous versions Windows Vista & XP.
  • HP (Compaq), IBM, Dell, Sony, Gateway, laptops and desktops with Windows.


  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2012 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Outlook: group scheduling, shared contracts, and web access
  • Business Contact Manager


  • Exchange Server 2003, 2008, and 2010
  • Small Business Server 2003, 2008, and 2012
  • Intranet/Shared platforms

Network Setup

Our highly trained technician will come to your organization, listen to your requirements, take notes about the environment and then deliver a networking solution that is tailored for your company.

We help with design, setup, maintenance and support for networks and wireless networking solutions, VPN, remote access and creation of uniform environments to streamline network management. Our company understands the diverse range of services and networking variables that are needed. Let us help you figure out in consideration with the size and budget limitations of your company and what is best suited for each kind of set up.

We can provide the following services for your business network

  • Surveillance cameras installation & setup Remote viewing
  • Service & Repair for Laptop & Desktop configurations
  • Hubs and Switch installation & repair wired routers
  • Wireless routers, modems & Wireless Extenders
  • Shared networking setup for Printers, scanners & other peripherals
  • DSL configuration
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Cabling

Surveillance Cameras Installation & Setup

About Commercial & Residential Camera Installation

Computer Repair Geekz provides complete security camera installations for all commercial and residential properties in Maryland, DC, Virginia and the surrounding areas. State of the art surveillance systems will deter criminal activity and provide an additional level of protection. These advanced surveillance systems are designed to meet complex security challenges with user-friendly interface. Computer Repair Geekz has practical and cost-effective solutions for commercial and residential security needs. Renowned for our outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, we help safeguard what matters most in your life.

FREE Security Analysis That Determines Your Needs

A quality security system is an essential part of keeping your home and business safe. Our security professional technician will visit your business, commercial property or residence to perform a thorough security analysis at no cost to you. Each surveillance system, its installation and setup is tailored to our client’s needs, while keeping their budget in mind. At the completion of our analysis, we will recommend a customized commercial or residential security package that meets your requirements and financial constraints. Tighten up the security and decrease theft with surveillance cameras which are designed to target on required areas.

  • High definition Internet Protocol (POE) cameras – Each camera (2,3,4,6,10 or 12 MP) operates with High Definition Internet Protocol technology (Power Over Ethernet), allowing you to see distinguishing features in real good 1080 Pixels HD quality, 360° coverage, 3x-12x zoom, license plate recognition and detailed imagery. Infrared technology ensures a clear and colored night vision footage.
  • DVR-Recording device(s) – Preserves high-quality video for playback on a digital format for at least one month of data storage capacity.
  • Discrete cabling – All cables are hidden from view, keeping your property neat and free of safety hazards. Our expert installers will provide a clean and professional installation.
  • Remote access to surveillance system – Login to your system via secure remote connection to view your cameras from anywhere in the world using your iPhone/Android, iPad, Laptop or from any computer with an active internet connection.
  • Retrofitting or replacement – Retrofit older analog-based systems with TVI and high definition Internet Protocol technology along with high resolution HD cameras.


Server Support

Desktop Support

Email and printer configuration. Network and peripheral communication. Tuning the PC for maximum performance.

Application Support

Installation, updates, license management, hands-on training, or configuration.

Server Administration

We can perform Operating System rollouts, file, email and print server management for your company. We deal securely with user permissions and file security. We backup systems and provide storage of critical company data. We perform installation of all important updates, patches, virus protection, spyware and malware protection, either On-Site or Remotely.

Wi-Fi Setup


Discover the freedom without cables

We can help your company setup a wireless network in no time, giving you cable-free capabilities for

  • DSL or cable coordination
  • Multi-user Internet access
  • Printer, scanner and other peripheral sharing
  • Cable free data and application access

Wireless Networking Installation

  • Set up and connect a wireless router
  • Connect an additional wireless or wired print server
  • Connect and configure: laptops, desktops, media devices, and media center extenders
  • Configure and demonstrate file sharing across the wireless network
  • Eradicate General network issues that you may currently have

"You guys are great! I called less than 30 minutes ago and here you are. Fast computer service!"

-John M (Columbia, MD)

"Thanks for coming to my rescue again! You guys always get to me fast."

-Edy R. (Dayton, MD)

"Your computer repair technicians service was outstanding. I feel much more comfortable using my computer and TV now. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family."

-Russ C (Silver Spring, MD)

"You are always super quick! Thanks for helping with the desktop, slingbox, laptop, and ipod. Your computer repair specialists are the absolute best and most reliable."

-Chang L (Olney, MD)

"You guys stuck with me and did not quit till the job was done right, I really appreciate that. I will recommend your home computer repair service to others."

-Garcia T (Owings Mills, MD)

"You guys really know your way around a computer! Thanks for cleaning up the mess with your amazing virus removal service. I am sure I will be using your services again."

Rob (Frederick, MD)

"I will continue to recommend you! I appreciate you putting in the extra time to help with pc repair."

-Mike W. (Reston, VA)

"I feel great knowing that you are always just a simple phone call away! Thanks for all the wonderful work and you really did speed up my slow computer."

-Gary M (Manassas, VA)

"You guys really took care of my computer and I will recommend to you all of my friends. The computer virus repair service really does work."

-Donte H (Herndon, VA)

"Your training methods really work for me and I also love the detailed instructions you wrote."

-Jenny M. (Odenton, MD)

"You are so fast! I worked on that Internet issue for hours and you fixed it in minutes. You guys are great at wireless network troubleshooting."

-Jamie L (Laurel, MD)

"We had a large project and we appreciate you guys working longer and getting the job done."

-Shawne W (Alexandria, VA)

"You are a Lifesaver. It looks like I have a lot to learn about my mac, I had mac computer repair service performed."

-David (Damascus, MD)

"You do not look like a geek! How could you do all of that stuff? I would recommend you guys for apple computer repair."

-Paula H. (Lanham, MD)

"You saved me a lot of trouble and money with your laptop repair service."

-Ashley (Washington, DC)